Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Justin Verrengia; When He WAS Broke

The Triumphant Uprising

Justin Verrengia will take us on a journey on how he went from bum, broke, and completely burnt out  just a few short months ago to an internet marketing mastermind, all with the help of Empower Network.
November 13, 2012 marked Justin's 1 year anniversary with Empower Network. 
He literally went from nothing, to a whole lot of something. 
See Social Income Proof below:
When I was Broke
Justin earned a total of $144,918 in 100% commissions with all the Empower Network products.
So here is the twist… the majority of all this money above was earned from July – November of 2012.
That means Justin's first 6 months he only earned less than $20,000 because, truthfully, "He was being a weenie." -Quote from Justin Himself.
Justin says, "I wasn’t listening and following what Dave & Dave taught us."
Justin did not realize the magnitude of Empower Network until we went to the event “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012” in Atlanta, Georgia
From that day forward, Justin quit being a wussy and got ALL-IN.
Because of that decision, he went from making $1,000-$3,000/month to earning over $124,000 over the next 6 months inside of Empower Network.

When He was broke

Keep in mind just a few short months ago Justin was struggling to make money online. (Or really anywhere for that matter...he was broke!)Dont Be A Wussy Empower Network
Justin had to settle for $1,000 – $3,000 a month in weenie little commissions.
He was living in Costa Rica at the time, renting a home for $450 a month because it was affordable, and he didn't have the money for anything else.
When Justin first joined Empower Network, it's not like he had a load of cash to spend on advertising to get started…
…so all he COULD focus on was free advertising such as blogging, videos and other forms of content creation.
Justin realized that being broke is not an excuse.
If you are currently in a situation like Justin once was…
…being over $500,000 in debt without any money to your name…
…The real problem is not lack of money… it’s lack of ideas.
(Now this is Jonah McGee speaking) Justin and I have both been broke in our lives, and we have experienced a lot of horsecrap. So we can relate to wherever it is you are at, and we are here to help.

Let’s just cut the crap.

There are a million “gurus” all with some magic pixy dust that they promise will make you rich overnight, and all you have to do is buy my product and do a few things here and there.
Most of it is fluff and busy work designed to keep you busy and distracted from the real work that needs to be done.
(and here at Empower Network, we are pretty annoyed with it)
Dial in to this EPIC Empower Hour Replay from last night:
Here’s the call in REPLAY details:
Dial in number:  (712) 432-0990 <—–
Secret Code: 260326#
Between now and then, to become a Member, click here to get started now.
Empower Hour
In the audio,David Sharpe (co-founder of Empower Network) teaches the two things you can do everyday that will line your pockets with cash. You'll find out how to make people want to work with you BECAUSE they want to.
And BECAUSE you gave them a great reason to do so.
And BECAUSE what is taught in Empower has worked for years in the past…..
….and will continue for years in the future.
(as long as us humans are still grazing this good ‘ol green earth)
These 2 things will also build you a team of not just “teammates"…..
……but loyal followers and fans who will trustingly take your advice and hang on to
your every word.
BECAUSE what Dave teaches you is real marketing, at it’s wallet fattening finest.
Dial in, and take this information and RUN:
Between now and then, to become a Member, click here to get started now.
Check out this video below to see…
How Empower Network has changed Justin Verrengia's life:
Just Get In here and I will contact you in the next
24 Hours to Schedule your First New Member Business Plan Call.
…or simply click on the button below:
100% Commissions Empower Network
Love & Light,
Jonah McGee
"The challenge of my life is to see how far I can Take it."
Justin Verrengia Jonah Mcgee

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