Monday, November 26, 2012

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Empower Hour | Every Monday Night

Spreading throughout the world wide web every single Monday evening at 9 p.m. EST sharp. A phone call which energizes it’s crowd to the core IS the Empower Network Empower Hour.

Empower Network Empower Hour

The Empower Network | Empower Hour

Empower Network Empower Hour

The Empower Network Empower Hour call is live every Monday night at 9 p.m. 

The Empower Hour is a phone call collaboration of the internet's most powerful and influential masterminds. Whether it’s words of wisdom, top of the line training or an interview with on-line business superstars, if you are apart of The Empower Network, or if you are just interested in some life changing advice, you will want to tune in every Monday night.

What will you get if you tune in?

You will be the FIRST to hear about the new strategies and upcoming events by listening in on these sessions.

Throughout the rest of the article I'll describe WHY you need to be apart of The Empower Hour phone call.

The Empower Network | Updates And Information

Empower Network Empower Hour

Tune in for the latest updates and information.

Stay informed with updates on;
  • Our products
  • New product launches
  • Payment issues
  • Contest launches
  • Event launches
For example; Empower Network is now HIRING. This is not to be an affiliate, you will actually be a part of the company and setting up/managing the infrastructure

The Empower Network | Special Interviews And Training

Empower Network Empower Hour

Revolutionary tips from the best of the best.

You want your business to be a success, right?
Of course you do, who wouldn’t.
The Empower Hour is where you will find free tips through training and interviews with uprising stars and seasoned veterans of the online industry.
Tips and training on;
  • Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Closing a Sale
  • Traffic and Exposure tips
The experts share all their secrets of how they made their businesses a success. Be a part of the action and get in on the call, because it can help leverage your business.

The Empower Hour | Words Of Wisdom

Empower Network Empower Hour

Along with the epic tips and training through the interviews, The Empower Hour will often provide words of wisdom.

Empower is not only an hour of technical tips, but a time for motivational coaching. The Empower Hour always offers words of wisdom to it’s listeners. We all like to be inspired and motivated, it's the only way we really get out there and get it done, and that’s what you get when you are an avid listener with The Empower Hour.
The Empower Network cares about it’s members passionately and deeply. They truly want all of us succeed.
I take that back,...

Whether you are a member or not, the Empower Network wants you to succeed. 
These phone calls are designed to inspire and "Empower" EVERYONE who tunes in. Whether you are a member, already have your own business, or just looking for some motivation to make it through the day.
Last Monday’s Empower Hour focused on just that, words of wisdom. It was all about how to think like a wealthy person.
Just go ask any self-made business millionaire. In order to BE wealthy, you have to THINK wealthy.
 It’s not just a change of numbers in your bank account, it's about changing your behavior and mind to think differently. 
In a positive way, of course. Nobody here in Empower is a rich snob ;)
Wealthy people are normal people, they just live extraordinary lives.
Can you agree with that? 
I know I can.
The Empower Network Empower Hour fills the audience with a new and  message every Monday night and YOU need to be a part of it.
Do yourself a favor. :)
If you just happened to stumble across this article, or were invited by somebody, we urge you to join The Empower Network and experience The Empower Hour for yourself.
You deserve to be a part of something special.
The Empower Network is for the little guys.
The system is designed so everyone succeeds. Regardless of your experience.
Join the movement that is taking the Internet world by storm.
We are 50,000 strong and counting.
Do this for your business...
and for your life.
Join our team today and start receiving great quality training just like in The Empower Hour.
The Empower Network Empower Hour, what are you waiting for?

Click Here right now and join The Empower Network and create a business that WILL be successful.

100% Commissions Empower Network
Thank you for reading,
Jonah McGee
"You can sit there and dream about it, or go out and make it happen!"
leave me with your thoughts in the comment section below or send me an e-mail at:
Empower Network Empower Hour

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