Friday, November 23, 2012

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From Homeless and Hopeless

From Homeless and Hopeless to Empowering and Serving Those In Need — Happy Thanksgiving!

David Sharpe and David Wood, Our legendary co-founders of Empower Network, were both homeless just a few years ago.
For David Wood, he lived in an old Dodge van, and believe it or not he couldn’t come up with a dollar or or two to use a pay phone to call a friend for a hot shower – he and his wife would shower on the beach. 
For David Sharpe, before he went through rehab and became clean and sober 5 years ago — was homeless, hopeless and battled a viscous addiction that almost put him in the grave several times.
However, it was NOT the plan for either of them to die that way.
With a little bit of mercy, a ‘foot up’ from a few friends and family who had a big enough heart to help, and some good old fashion “work your butt off and don’t let anything stop you” — they were able to rise up from near death and defeat to change the lives of all of us, inspire those who have lost hope or cannot seem to find it, and go on to help tens of thousands of people around the world get results in their business, and most importantly in their life.
Because for these two  — success is not just about them — and it never has been.
What makes them special, is they never forgot where and what they had come from, and what it took to get where they are today.
Which is why, after what they have been able to accomplish together, and now being united with the most powerful and motivated group of leaders in the industry — they have began to think bigger about who they can help, and how they can help them.

So, what's the plan guys?
They have decided to start right in their local city, the place where Empower Network’s headquarters is at, and hit the streets to make a difference in someone’s life they may never actually meet unless they go out and find them.
So they are doing just that.
This morning, members and leaders of Empower Network hit the streets to give back –  and what better of a day to do it than Thanksgiving.
Homeless and Hopeless
The group made a decision to serve breakfast at one of the local homeless shelters —  ‘Pinellas Hope’ which is actually a giant campground ran by a local nonprofit organization called "Catholic Charities."
In the team's service work, they served, and spent some quality time the folks there at the campground. David Shape says that he "heard all kind of stories and shook hundreds of hands. We talked to people who fell on unfortunate circumstances and ended up homeless as a result of all kinds of different reasons." Dave Sharpe claims that some stories blew him away — and after some near death experiences himself, that's saying a lot.
Homeless and Hopeless
Sharpe says, "The thing I noticed more than anything else was the not the pain and heartache – it was the hope and gratitude."
As he walked around serving drinks and cleaning up trash, Dave had heard more “thank-yous” than anything else. There was even laughter, and joy in the eyes of those in need. 
Homeless and Hopeless
Dave stood talking to the men, woman and children there — there was one thing more than anything else reinforced in his mind….
No matter how far you are broken down in life, no matter how terrible and hopeless it may be at times, and no matter where your decisions or circumstances may send you, it is never the end, because today is the day of a new beginning
Each day.
Each breathe.
Each decision…
…is a brand new start.

Here is the deal...

You can choose to look at the good….
…..or you can choose to look at the bad….
….. it really is that simple.
Today, Empower Network is going to keep it that simple, because it is.
Empower Network is about having HOPE.
As much as both David's as well as myself know what it’s like to have none, today we have it, lot’s of it, and we have to together.
Even better…..
Everyone, from the support reps, to the leaders – to the very last person who just got started here at Empower with us —  is a living, breathing example of what HOPE looks like.
We at Empower Network could not do this without YOU.
And today, I'm grateful for the ability that I have to give back...

I'm also grateful for our leaders here at Empower for all of the remarkable things they have done for people.
…and I'm grateful for the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life.
So thank you, for being YOU :)
And thank you for your struggles, and your victories — because that’s what makes us GREAT.
From everyone at Empower Network, we love you guys.

To everyone who is a member here at Empower Network, it is an honor to be a part of something revolutionary.

Now let’s got change the world!
Who’s with me?
- Jonah McGee
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all." -Emily Dickinson

Get "all in" at Empower Network and join the revolution today
P.SLeave me your thoughts in the commentsand have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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